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In order to send your personalized email through our system, we need to store your name and email address. We also create a personalized Vaetas video email to send your video email. This is a system requirement to help reduce spamming abuse. We only send you a confirmation email and on occasion, an email notification of updated Vaetas features. We hate spam and do our best to prevent it. By using Vaetas Lite for free, you indicate that you agree to these terms.

NOTE: The iPhone does not support recording video from a webpage. In order to useVaetas Lite, you will need to use a computer, tablet or Android mobile phone. As soonas Apple updates their iOS to support this feature, we will remove this notice.

Sample Script Format
  • Begin by saying hello and include the person’s name
  • Introduce yourself (Name, company and position)
  • State why you’re contacting them (Make it about them and not what you offer)
  • State what are the desired next steps
  • State how you want them to respond
  • Great News! Shorter videos work best when connecting with prospects and customers
  • Close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths and relax. You can always delete and rerecord your videos
  • When recording, look into the camera to make eye contact with the viewer and not at yourself on the webcam screen
  • You can use your earbud mic or another mic to record better audio. Just hold them close but off camera, rather than have them plugged in your ears
  • Make sure there is nothing behind you that you don’t want included in the video.
  • Having a light in front of you reduces shadows and do not put it behind you.
  • When recording, visualize the person you’re sending the video to is standing behind the camera and you’re making eye contact. Talk to the individual rather that just recording your message into thin air.
  • Having the mindset that you’re reaching out to help your prospects, rather than trying to sell them, helps to better communicate your authenticity.
  • Have one message and one call-to-action per video.
  • Talk fast to try and cover more material in 20 seconds or less
  • Don’t rush! It’s not a race to complete your video recording ASAP!
  • Sound like you’re reading a script or talking at the person
  • Ramble on and on
  • Cover multiple topics in a video
  • Have multiple calls-to-action or no call-to-action at the end of your video.
Send Video Email